Friday, November 20, 2009


Hello all, I have no mood to talk much. Enough to say that I had a mixed feelings today.

I just finish my very final paper for my first degree. Finally.

Afternoon: MAD MOOD.
I just break off my friendship with this girl. And this is my very first time to do thing like this. Yes, I never have EX-FRIEND before this. But, today I did it and I'm not regret it because as what she said, I'm such a VERY BAD friend.
Owh, don't ask me because I'm don't even remember her name anymore. I've deleted everything associated to her. Because I can't never be friend with a VEEEERRRYYYY-NICE-plus-BERHATI-MULIA's people.

Finally I can manage to neutralized my mood level after having talk with Anis. Owh yes, Anis has been experienced this feelings before, but as always, Anis is a kind hearted girl who can forget everything and be friend with that girl again. Me? Naaaaahhh..

Excuse me? Did I heard people talking about me there? Never mind, I just take it as "cengkerik" sounds.

p.s. For those who wanna know the very truth of the story, do reach me through my phone. I'll tell everything.
p.p.s. Don't have my phone number? I take that as you are not my very close friends. Sorry.
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