Sunday, May 31, 2009

Men are good at sulking?

While watching a Malay drama "Kerana Kasih" at TV3 with family, the actress said something about sulking. I didn't really followed the whole story. Me and sisters were busying gossips and laughing.

There was something about the actor who get sulk with his wife.

Now, I start to think again. Do men get sulk? Of course. It is a normal behavior for a human being like us. But still, I think that it is not really normal for men to get sulk. Well, men always try to be really macho, cool and steady. Especially in front of girls. It is a fact rite?

If I looked back into my 23rd years of life, I can agree at the statement that men do sulk. So silly.

In fact, I think men sulk a lot more than women. Maybe I can admit that men are good at sulking. I've known a quite number of men who basically go into a sulk. And the worst part is they won't talk to you for a couple days. Maybe when they feel annoyed with you. Or maybe when they can't get their own way. Or maybe when things don't go their own way.

I did googled some websites and forums just now. Especially forums about relationship and marriage life. I came across a research done by Peter Rook. He said,

Yes some men do sulk. But some women mistakenly think a man is having a sulk. This is because when a man gets upset, he never talks about what is bothering him. Instead, he becomes very quiet and goes into his private world. Ladies, this is not a sulk, It's our way of trying to find a solution.

Is it true? Or not? Hmm..Then? Whot does sulk means to a guy? After all I need to agree that guys are complicated.

People, please tell me. What is the best way to know that men especially our spouse is sulk? Or in other way, to know that we are the target of a sulk.

In my opinion, the sulker does not really want to get engage an eye contact with us. That's mean, the sulker does not want to look at us when they get sulk with us. In easy words, we are the target of a sulk. This is a very common behavior of a human being. And I will not deny that me too just like that when I sulk.

According to my experiences being in love with LOVE, that is not really easy for me to know that he is sulk. Because he is not an open and outspoken type of guy who easily can talk about how he feels. He likes to hold it back just with himself. It is too difficult for me to know what is on his mind at the moment. And I think I am getting used to it. That's why sometime I don't ask him because I know I will get the same answer. He will says, I'm so ok B.

Most of the time when I noticed that he was sulking, I will find my own way to overcome it. I think touching will do. Also make him laugh. It is a stupid action for me to think that I can just ignore the sulker and just go away.

Sometimes I think sulking might show childish behavior. But some might says, men don't sulk for no reason. Is that true?

Above all of that, I can say that sulking underminds and might hurts your partner by any way.

So, do not get sulk. Boleh? Hahahaha...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome to my newly designed blog

I am now in Puchong. With the main purpose to take my lil nephew back to hometown. He insisted to spend the upcoming school holiday at Kg. I am so excited because it was almost half a year I didn't have much time to really play with him. Yes, he is my favourite nephew. I stayed with my ABANG back to 6 years ago if I am not mistaken. Somewhere in Pandan.

I have no other activity to do now. Everybody are sleeping at the moment. As usual, I cannot easily get to sleep. I was intended to change my blog template before. I just want to find something really suit myself. I love cute thingy.

Luckily, after rolled over a few free blog template websites, I finally found this cute design.

I choosed this template design because of the cute birdie image. Also the flowers all over the blog. I think it is simple yet nice design. Not really too messy to my eyes. The plain color also really make me feel much more relax whenever I open my blog.

I've been through a saddest moment when I uploaded the template and saw all my widgets gone. I managed to do all as before. Now, everything is back to normal. No worries.

It is a new, cute blog template design. And looks like it should be a very exciting one. I hope it can encourage me in writing. Yes, I admit that I have been terrible with all my previous entries. With the intention to improve my art of writing, I hope I can do way better after this.

I feel sleepy now. Time to sleep. Nite all.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yesterday, I went to Ipoh. Be a proxy for ABAH's company. Attended a "Seminar Peningkatan Pemahaman Program Kontraktor" by CIDB. It held at Casurina Hotel. From 8am until 4pm.

What I can say about the "seminar"? I think I have nothing to say because I didn't really give full attention. What do u guys expect? I know nothing about construction. I am an Accounting student.
It was a very bored "seminar" for me. I spent all the time with reading my "P.S. I love you" novel, for my 2nd time/round reading it.

2hours for lunch break were given to all the participants (majority middle aged men). We were served with delicious meals for lunch. But I didn't enjoy it because I was a little bit shy, surrounded with old men. As a solution, I just eat two spoons of mixed vege. That's it.

I went back to my car. Started the engine, turn on the air-cond, then zzzz... About half an hour, I woke up. Heard a noise from a few guys just beside my car. S**t.

It only left about one hour and thirty minutes more. I made up my mind. Drove my car, heading Kinta City Jaya Jusco.

I parked my car at the roof top.

That time, what was in my mind just take a walk and enjoy window shopping. But...My eyes captured the word in front of VINCCI outlet. It was "SALE". OMG!!!! Up to 50% off!!! I bought only 2pairs from VINCCI. Too many people, and I was not really in the mood to "rebut2".

I went to the 2nd level. "SALE" word again. This time at NOSE. I tried several shoes. Looked at my watch. It was 2.20pm. Only left 10 minutes more for lunch break. Without wasting my time, I grabbed 3pairs of shoes and paid up at the cashier.

I just cannot control myself. I was only intended to have a window shopping. But again. It was ended up with 5pairs of shoes clung on my both hands.
And I felt much more better after that. Well, I have been not in good mood these few days. So, I can make a conclusion here. Shopping is always be the best therapy for me.

P/S: Exactly! I love shoes!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I was not in a good mood recently. I talked less. No laughing. No joking. No smiling. I was too lazy to picking up calls. I was too tired to replying all the messages. When people asked why I looked so sad, then I replied "takde pape, tak sihat sangat." Then, I gave them a truly fake smiles.

Me, myself also don't understand what actually happened to me. Silly me. Clearly all the problems were from my own self. I was the one who likes to think more and more. Deeper and deeper. And it hurting me so much.

I feel lonely. My heart feels lonely. I just need some space to think. To really searching the answers for all the questions in my mind. Looking back to my entire life. I really want to cry my heart out. Crying really can relieve my pain. And yes. I did it. So many times. And I felt better.

I am figuring out. Why people being too cruel to one another? Why people do things that can hurt others' feelings?

I've been read this, "Hearts are just like crystals. Once broken, we can never make it right again. Never." I do understand the meanings as I did digested it. But still, I think, we, human being do not really bother about this. Including me. Sometimes I did hurts others when I never have an intention to do so. And I feel bad for that. Sorry.

After all, I think I should put all the blames on my shoulders. I must say this. Yes people, I AM A BAD GIRL.

Monday, May 25, 2009


I was tagged by Dya. I just love to do any tag task since I have no other activity to do at home.

1.Adakah anda rasa anda hot ?
Hot? Because of the weather. (Hot=panas kan...haha)

2.Upload gambar kegemaran anda..

3. Kenapa anda suka gambar ni?
Captured by Dayah Lodi... Just a candid photo but it turned too something symbolic..I just live inside the box without having any courage to do something extraordinary or outside the box...hmmm...

4.Bilakah kali terakhir anda makan pizza?
A month ago if I'm not mistaken. With LOVE and Uzman.

5.Lagu terakhir anda dengar?
Love Story by Taylor Swift

6.Apa anda sedang buat selain buat tag ni?
YM with Diana and Kak Ayu. Girl's stuff.

7.Selain nama anda, apakah lagi nama yang orang panggil anda?
Family usually address me as Aunty. LOVE called me BB. Gang from KMPH called me Azues sometime. Some good friends in UUM called me Jah (Jahat kan..haha)

8.Tag 5 orang

Hany Bany
Mama Eda

Siapa no.1?
My good old days friend. From SMKGR.

Siapa pula no2?
A good friend from UUM. She is just a small girl. But has a big mouth. Loves to talk and talk and talk.

Orang no 3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
Teha? With her beloved hubby lar of course. And also her two cute kids.

Bagaimana pula dengan no 4?
Mama Eda is my blogging friend. Who currently live in Aussie with her hubby and her cute lil Dora.

Katakan sesuatu tentang no 5?
Ekin is Lean's pet sister. Currently studying in Shah Alam. And she is from Sarawak I guess.

Senaraikan 5 hadiah yg anda impikan?

1) A brand new lappy
2) Digital camera
3) Myvi SE-Tangerine Orange
4) Flight ticket to Italy + pocket money
5) Just a nice small surprise

Alasan terhadap pilihan tersebut

1) Battery for my current lappy is "kong"
2) To replace my lost one
3) I just loved the colour. So cute.
4) I heard that it is the most romantic place.
5) I need to feel the love.

5 impresi terhadap orang yang diminati:

1) Romantic
2) Kind-hearted
3) Generous
4) Good looking
5) Caring

5 ciptaan yang paling disukai:

1) God's creatures
2) Internet
3) Girl's stuffs-shoes, handbag, clothes, pants etc.
4) Money
5) Car

5 perkara yang dibenci

1) Selfish person
2) Backstabber
3) Certain drinks-soy, milk, air tebu etc
4) Pet
5) Dirty toilet..Yakkss

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I don't know how to begin this. I am thinking if am I too demanding to write all my wish lists and expectations. Or I am just a bad girl who doesn't know how to appreciate everything and at the same time wanting more and more.

Every year, whenever my birthday coming up, I start to feel really anxious. I just cannot help it, the truth is I will always get anxious. The worst part is I will get stress out about anything regarding my coming birthday when actually nothing will happen at all. I always put high expectations of how my day is suppose to go. Or maybe how amazing it will be on my birthday. The main point is I must say that my birthday is a day with a great anxiety and stress.

When the day has comes, nothing will happen. Maybe some of my expectations might be fulfill. And the most of it do not happen at all. Not even happen with how I expect it to be. I had been experienced this kind of feelings throughout the years. The birthday expectations' lists are always letting me down. It always frustrating me.

This situation repeatedly happened this year, on my 23rd birthday. None of my hopes are actually happen today. None of it. Now, I started to think, maybe I should stop dreaming. Maybe I should just giving up all to the fate. Maybe I should not expect too much. Maybe I should find another way to makes me happy. Maybe I should communicate all of these stupid feelings to someone, somewhere.

There are many thing expected by a girl like me on our birthday. Yes, I admit, birthday is one of the day with too much expectations. Even though deep inside my heart forcing me to stop expecting and dreaming. I just cannot do that. For me, the most important is I just want my big day to be appreciated. With so much hype and not just let it over with nothing to be remember. I want my day to be the greatest day ever. I want my day to be a day which can bring an endless smiles on my face. I want my day to be something that I can proudly tell to all of my good friends. I want to show off to the whole world. Yes, so what? I don't think it is a crime for me to show off about my own birthday rite. Furthermore, it is my day. My own day.

I don't really fancy the idea of having a very big, grand and marvelous party that definitely needs a lot of money to be spend on it. I just need something really sweet which I can see the efforts on it. I just need something that can show me the love. I want to feel the love. I want to feel the excitement. I want to feel the attention. I just want it all.

As for LOVE, I am dying hoping a little bit efforts from him. I don't really expect for him to ride a white horse and picking me out to the fairy tales world. It is too ridiculous for me to expect that much. I always hope that I can spend my birthday with him. Only him. I want him to surprise me with something that can turned me out into tears. I want to treat me like I am the princess of the day. I want to be loved. I want to feel that I am loved. Is it fair for me to expect these from him?

I feel really lucky if he can remembers my birthday. And of course I will be super lucky if he gives me a card. I prefer something to keep even though it is just a simple plain card. It is more than enough for me. I don't say that I hate wishes. I just think that wishes is something I can't really keep. Something I can't remember. After all wishes are intangible rite? cannot be seen.

Apart from all of these, there is something that makes me smile every year. The love from my precious beloved family. They are never forget my big day. Especially MAK. She will put so much efforts to makes me happy on my big day. She will stay up late at night just to wish me a "Happy Birthday". It is not easy for older person like her to stay up too late at night. She will make a small family party to celebrate my birthday. She will cooks all of my favorite foods. She will cuddles me. She will never tired to keep telling about my childhood days stories to all of my family. Yes, I am really lucky.

Also, I want to thank to all of my friends. They are never forget to wish me even though I realized that I am kind of bad friend who can't even remember all of my friends' birthday. Maybe I should write down all of their days on one book. A book that can remind me not to forget to wish on their days. I don't think that save it an the hand phone is a good idea. I tried it before but seems it doesn't work. Since I just like to change my hp frequently.

I would like to finish this post with thank to everyone. Thank you for all the wishes. Thank you very much for the thoughts. Thank you very very much for the loves.

P/S: Sorry for all the grammatical errors. I just not feeling good now.

My 23rd birthday!!!


Enough said.


It has been ages since my last post.
Semester break just started couple weeks ago.
I spent most of my holiday at home.

Doing nothing. Too bored.
ABAH terminated the streamix.

With the reason that no one using it
since my younger sister continue her study in Masterskills.
And that is the strong reason why I didn't blogging for a while.

So, now I start to update my blog again.
What I'm gonna write today?

I'll think about it later.
So sleepy.
I just got back from "Pasar Ahad" at my hometown.
Accompanied MAK.
(Mandi awal pagi I arini...hehe)

Let's continue sleeping.
I will continue writing after I get enough sleep.
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