Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pimples Oh pimples.

Do I hate pimples?

I don't know the exact answer for this question. As far as I concern, many girls hating pimples so much. It is such a red swollen little stranger thing that suddenly appears to ruin they beautiful face. They said it gives them pains. Plus it also bring a new color, which is normally red or maybe for the worst such skin disease, on the face.

For me, I don't really care about pimples. I don't have this problem. The same situation goes to my other lady-siblings. It is undeniable that sometime me too will have to face this problem. I mean to have pimples on my face. This situation will be happened during menstrual period. I will have one or maybe two cute pimples on my cheeks or forehead. I don't feel that is my major problem. Sometime I might feel happy because those pimples appear on my face. I like to think that I have a cute tiny flower on my face. Silly me.

But this time is different. I had one big-very red- swelling pimples. It is really hurt especially when I wanna do facial wash. Aiyooo!!! Serious hurt!

People around me also will notice it. They will definitely questioned me.

Friend_1: What is that?
Friend_2: Besarnya jerawat kau.
Friend_3: Scary la tengok muka kau ada jerawat.

Me: Suka hati aku lar!!!!

LOVE also noticed the different look on my face.

LOVE: B, kenapa besar sangat jerawat BB nie?
LOVE: B, mari sini I picit. Geram tengok besar sangat.

Me: Arghh!! Takmau!!! Sakit lar!!!

Even MAK also noticed my pimples when she did 3G me last time.

MAK: Eh! Apa tu? Kat pipi tu?
Me: Jerawat lar mak. Dah 3 4 hari tak pecah lagi. Sakit lak tu.
MAK: Mak tengok bukan macam jerawat sebab besar sangat.
Me: Bistu macam apa?
MAK: Macam bisul jer. Esok pegi klinik!
Me: Yes Madam!

People always said, don't play with your pimples. Never squeez your pimples. Let it pecah sendiri. If not you will get the unwanted scar on your face.

But, I just cannot bare with the pain having that giant pimples on my face. The only thing I need now is a needle. Then everything will be okay. Haha!

Below I put two pictures taken after I had done the needle operation. Hehe.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pissed -off.

Another story about my new semester. Really forgot to write it in here.

To be cleared that I am now in my 7th semester for Accounting course. I was extended two semesters due to my sickness. To be specify, I had an accident in year 2006. Which made me to stayed at home because my right hand can't moved.

I was attended physiotherapy sessions for almost three to four months in order to make my right hand to be functioned again.

Okay. That is really a very long..long..time ago story.

Here a few situations when I entered new class and met with new friends.

Situation 1

Me: Hye, can I sit here?
Friend_1: Yes.
Me: Saya Azie. Awak?
Friend_1: Saya .... (I don't have any permission to mention her name here).

While we had a beginning chat, student in front of us passing the attendance list to us. In UUM, we have to sign the attendance list besides punch our student card at the machine near the class front door.

I signed the attendance list. As usual, my name will be on top. The first name in the list because the list were sorted by matrix number of the students.

My batch used to have only five numbers for our matrix number. But all juniors or batches after us having six numbers for their matrix number.

Friend_1: Awak semester berape sekarang?
Me: 7.
Friend_1: 7? Tapi kenape matrix number awak start angka 7? Kan sekarang semua start 10 dah kan?
Me: Ooo..Saya memang sem 7. Saya extend 2 sem dulu. Tapi extend tak diambil kira.
Friend_1: Maksudnya batch awak semua dah abis? Dah grad?
Me: Hmmm..Yer. Saya tinggal sorang jer. Semua dah habis.

Then, I kept silent. Tension.

Situation 2

I met my old friend somewhere in Faculty of Accountancy. I was walking to the class.

Friend_2: Eh! Azie!
Me: Eh! Haiiii...Lame tak jumpa...
Friend_2: Azie tak habis lagi ker? Ingatkan Azie practicum sekarang. Batch Azie kan da habis kan?
Me: Tak lar. Azie kan extend 2 sem. Nie final sem lar nie.
Friend_2: Ooo..Sabar yer Azie.
Me: Yer..Sabar...

Situation 3:

I don't like people to addressed me as "KAKAK".

Friend_3: Hai. Saye....
Me: Hai. Saya Azie.
Friend_3: Kak Azie sem berapa sekarang?
Me: 7. And jangan panggil saya Kakak. Just Azie.
Friend_3: Ala..Tak biasa lar kak. Kak Azie kan senior.
Me: Whatever...

Situation 4:

Friend_4: Hai. Awak sem berapa?
Me: 7.
Friend_4: Eh. Awak baru first time ker amik paper nie?
Me: Of course.
Friend_4: Ingatkan awak repeat paper nie.
Me: Excuse me. Saya tak pernah ada sejarah repeat paper yer.
Friend_4: Tak lar. Nie kan paper sem bawah.
Me: Oo..Saya memang plan nak amek paper nie final sem.

Argh!! Tensionnya jadi SUPER DUPER SENIOR!!!

I am left alone in here.

It's been a while since my last entry. I just realized it a few moment ago. I was too occupied with my new semester. A lot of things to be done.

Now, I am in the middle of the crowd. I sit alone by myself at the center of Pusat Kegiatan Pelajar, UUM. I have nothing to do. I feel really bored. Waiting at LOVE's booth making me much more bored. Opps, forget to mention that LOVE is here. Yes, here. In UUM. He joins the Expo Keusahawanan organised by UUM management.

LOVE is currently in books selling's business. Religious books to be specify. Sooo...I am really not comfortable sitting at his booth. I don't do wearing scarf. My hair is blonde colored. I wear tight shirt and skinny jeans. Perhaps, I don't really feel comfortable to sit there and the customers will keep staring at me like I am an alien. Lost alien.

So, I grabbed LOVE's lappy then I came here. Haha. Peace!

Okay, what can I tell in here? I am figuring out while typing. Yes, I am still figuring out. No idea comes to my mind rite now. Effing word!!

Yes. Okay! I have an idea. Let's talk about my new semester and my new or very new friends. For all my readers, I am now in UUM. Still studying. It's my very final semester in UUM. (I hope no more semesters in this jungle) As being known by most of you, I was extended two semesters due to my sickness.

Now, my batch and all my friends were gone. They all already finishing their studies in here. In fact they had finished their internship by last month of June. How sad I was when they said they were all free now. I feel really sad knowing that I am the only one left.

I keep on saying to myself, don't give up. Only four months left . I can wait for last four and half year, and I am succeed. So, these four months should be nothing to me. Yes. I am strong!!

Okay. That's all for now. I want to continue my job. I am actually searching for journals about Strategic Management's assignment.

Bye all. Till next entry ya!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Please, get a life!!

I am very mad rite now. Huh! What actually on you guys mind? Seeing a "free hair" girl like me? Okay. I know, "tudung" or scarf is actually a must to a Muslim girls. We all, Islamic girls are supposed or maybe the rite word is COMPULSORY to wear scarf and cover our "aurat". But, never judge a girl like me, is very social and bad type of girl. I am not like that.

I was bored last few hours. LOVE is sleeping at the moment. I just couldn't make my eyes close and sleep. There's plenty of job to be done before this coming Sunday.

I was joined one chat room just now. Just to find someone to talk to. Since all my friends list in YM were offline. I just need somebody to talk. To fresh me up. Because I have to settle all these things.

Okay. Let's straight to the point. While I joined the chat room, I received some instant messages from several people. More specific, guys.

Chatter_1: Buzz
Me: Yes.
Chatter_1: Hye. Busy?
Me: Yes.
Chatter_1: Open x?
Me: Open? What?
Chatter_1: Horny lar.
Me: Excuse me....
Chatter_1: Ala..Xkan tak biase kot..Awk nie hot lar..
Me: Ok.
Chatter_1: Ala..Awk mesti da biase kan..Ala..freehair girl kan sporting..
Me: Hmmm..Bye.

Chatter_2: Abg horny lar yang....mmm...
Me: Excuse me..?
Chatter_2: Sayang nie cantik lar..Geram abg tgk..
Me: Bye.

Chatter_3: Hye wak..
Me: Helo..
Chatter_3: Buat per wak?
Me: Keje..
Chatter_3: Keje aper mlm2 nie? Nak join wak..
Me: Keje..My study's..Assignment..
Chatter_3: Kesian wak..Wak pakai baju aper mlm nie wak? Naked yer?
Me: Bye.

Chatter_4: Hye syg..
Me: Salah org ek?
Chatter_4: Mesti best kan dpt main dgn awak..
Me: F**K YOU!!

Chatter_5: Haiiiiii...
Chatter_5: Iiiiiiiii..Ada org x nie?
Chatter_5: Mari lar lyn abg..Abg sorg nie..Abg stim lar syg..
Me: Lantak kau lar!

Then, I ended up signed out from that bloody chat room. WTF!! What you guys expect? Seeing a girl like me? No..No..Please..I am very easy girl okay? I am my own pride. My own dignity. Please respect. That's all I need.

Reminder to myself:

PS. It wasn't a good idea to join a chat room in hour like now. Very early in the morning. All the chatters are sick!! Crazy!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Semangat berkobar-kobar.

Gain weight? Azie is gaining weight? Arghh!!

Yes, I am. I am gaining so much weight during last semester break. I didn't exercise at all. All I did was just lying on the bed, sleep. Then got up, eat some food. Nope, actually a lot of foods. Then, watching television. Listening to radio. Sorts of things. Huh!!

I am sick hearing people says, "Azie..Kenapa besar sangat nie.", "Azie..Tak percayanya Azie gemok cenggini. Dulu kecik jer."

I made up my mind. Azie, You need to get back your old-former body figure!

And for the solution, or the first thing on the list for me in order to realize my dream to get back all those my "zaman kegemilangan" is..


Thanks, LOVE. For helping me choosing this shoes. I just love it!!

PS. I started my mission with treadmill for over 30 minutes non-stop.

PPS. Someone "cabar" me?? Another Guess handbag. Haha. Wait and see...

PPPS. I have to pretend like "MAKAN ITU TIDAK INDAH"

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6th.

It is the day.
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