Monday, September 28, 2009

Convo? Uhh..!!

I'm back. Definitely with a better mood. I'd managed to tell everything to LOVE. What a relief I feel inside when I can spell everything out to someone, instead of just keep it inside my ownself.

Okay, that's not the main point I wanna to stress in here.

I met with my old friend since I stayed in Tradewinds Residential College, almost 3 years back I think. She came by to collect her "jubah konvo" here. By the way, to be clear in here, my batch (UUM's accounting 2005/2006 batch) will be having their convocation early of October, which falls next week.

I really don't know how to act when I meet them again. To see them wearing their jubah, with holding the scroll, it's such a great pain for me. I feel like flying away and dissapear to somewhere else, where no one will talk about all the convocation's thingy.

I'm still keep on thinking, whether I wanna stay here and give them a visit at the convocation's day, or maybe I'll make my way back to my hometown. Hmmm.. I'm really hate to think that I'm still stuck in here when actually this coming October should be my convocation's day. Arghh..!!

p.s. Kalau tak accident hari tu, mesti I sedang gembira sekarang prepare utk convo. Sigh.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saya Sangat Marah! Grrrr...

Hello people.

As usual, I will write in here whenever I have something in my mind which I couldn't tell anyone. Writing has been the best way for me to let out everything which I can't tell anyone.

I feel uneasy now. I just received a call from someone, the respectful one. I heard something which really pointing at me. This story was begun or told by someone (I'm starting to hate her now) to my respectful one (the one who called me just now).

Urghh!! I'm soooo angry now until I feel like killing someone. How dare she keep interupting into my private life. Seriously. She is witch!!

I hate to be like this. I hate to get angry by my own, when actually she feels nothing out there. Arggghh!! I pray to the Highness for never ever makes me meet her again. Ever in my life. I don't know how I can control myself if she is in front of me right now.

I hate to think and to know that everyone including my respectful one is actually 100% believe on whatever she said. Owh!! She knows best how to gain people attention by creating all the sad stories. She knows best how to makes people think she is the best girl ever in the world. F-ing word!!

To be frank, before this I already felt bad. And now, I feel bad again. I couldn't tell this to anyone. I can't tell anyone everything she did, because I know no one will ever believe in me. As I said before, she is good in acting.

p.s. Saya sangat marah!!!
p.p.s. Maaf. Saya menulis dalam keadaan marah.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Aidilfitri Menjelma Lagi


Ikhlas daripada:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Special Post for Dya!!!

Today is September 10th, 2009.
And that means today is Dya's birthday!!!!!!!!
You are soooo 23rd now dear.
No more crying okay.
Look forward.
I will always pray for your happiness.

Thanks for the friendship dear.

p.s. I always think that dya's birthday on September 9.
Haha. Remember film by Pierre Andre? 9 September.

p.s. Yes. Dya is Pierre's big fan. Haha!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Chop!! I just realize that this is going to be my 91 posts..!! I started to involve in this blogging thingy since February 14, 2009. Yes. It is my 8th months here. Haha. Excited. LOL.

Seriously I don't have any idea what I'm gonna talk about today. Oh! Okay! Got it! Here we go.

I've been super busy these days. Working on my 2nd-time re-do case study for Accounting Theory and Practice paper. Earlier we (me and the other 4 members) were working on Transmile Accounting Fraud Scandal. Then happened some conflict between us and one of the group in the same class, which also been working on the same chosen company.

After some cat-fights, we lose. Then only came another fraud company case study. This time we were analyzing the most recent fraud case involved Satyam Computer Services. My part was the Elaboration of the Case. No big deal for me. But by having looked at the previous job with this group, I rather do some extra work just for the back up.

As usual, I always have to be the group's leader, I can say for all the papers I take this semester. Ahh! Never mine about that. I'm getting used to it. Okay, as the leader, it is a must for me to do the editing part.

As you guys who been studied before, editing part is the most tiring part ever. You have to deal with some unfavorable situations like:
  • "membabi buta" copy and paste job - Personally, I really can't stand with this kind of behavior. It is fine with me if they want to do the "copy and paste" thingy. It's normal right? Nahh..Don't bluff. I know everyone had done this before. In fact I did it too. But, just do it professionally. Don't just simply copy and paste and then submit. When copying and pasting, the story line shouldn't be off from the track. And select the best part to copy and then paste it. Plus don't forget to credit the author of the sources. Adoyai..!! takkan nie pon I nak kena ajar?
  • late submission - Okay, just let's say the dateline of the assignment is on September 10, 2009. As a good member of the group, we need to submit it to the leader a few days before the dateline. Editing job isn't easy at all. Normally, 2 or 3 days should be so nice for editing. The editor need to thoroughly check on each and every single word. Arranging the contents so it will become more easier for the reader (lecturer) to read and review it. In my case, I always have to face with the last minute submissions. Hisshh!!
Okay enough with those two. Get back to my story. As noted earlier, I lead all the group for all the papers taken for this semester. So, frankly saying that I feel stupid now. I feel like I've been bullied by my group members. Yes, I am the super duper senior here. Unfortunately I'm the one who have to do most of the work.

I guess people will start to question why I had to be that way? Okay. I'm not a perfectionist, but I love to do 99% perfect job. Whenever I wanna do something, I wish I can do it best. I am really not very-early-to-submit people. I do my job gradually, so that I can enjoy doing it. No rushing. But I will make sure my job done on that particular date. I'll make sure everything is done perfectly just up to reach my standard level of perfect. Only then I can feel easy.

Eh. It is 2 am. I wanna do some finishing touch on my Business Ethics group assignment. See? I'd done editing the assignment 2 days ago. But still I wanna do another double triple what-so-ever checking. Am I a perfectionist? Naaaahhh...

Bye all.

p.s. I haven't sleep since yesterday. Honestly.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dunia Oh Dunia.

My wrist watch showed 7.05 pm. I just placed an order for Bihun Tomyam at Charen Restaurant, somewhere in the small city of Changlun. I went to CMart, one and only shopping mall (should I call it as mall? whatever..) in Changlun, which actually situated opposite the Charen's. My main purpose was to go to Maybank ATM inside the building, to withdraw some money.

After withdrawal, I looked at my wrist watch again. It showed 7.11 pm. Okay! Still have some very last minutes time before Maghrib. I made up my mind, I went the 1st floor of the mall. I wanna buy some movies. I can't barely remember when was the very last time I went to cinema. Perhaps with LOVE, back to more than a month ago if I'm not mistaken.

In order to go to my favorite "pirated-DVD" store at the very end of the corner, I have to walk through some cyber circle stores, which we can find many H/P stores there. As I walked in front of the stores, i stopped by at Nana's cubicle. Nana is my friend, just a normal friend.

While having some updates chatting with Nana, I heard some unfavorable conversation from one Malay Pakcik (older that my ABAH from the style) and one Chinese girl (my age I guess).

Malay pakcik : Amoi, bak mai tengok handphone ni. (He was pointed at one of the h/p inside the glass display)

Chinese girl : Boleeeehhh.. Eh! Jam sudah pukul tujuh suku. You talak mau buka puasa meh? (She was looked at her wrist watch while she took the particular h/p from the display)

Malay pakcik : Takpa eh. Saya bukan puasa pon. Dah kenyang makan nasi mamak tadi. Hahaha. (He laughed. He seems very proud when he said those stupid statements)

Chinese girl : Ha?? You tak puasa? Orang melayu kena puasa kan. Ini bulan puasa kan. Mana boleh makan hari siang. (She talked with a very confuse face)

Malay pakcik : Aaahhh. Puasa hari pertama cukup lar moi. Hahahaha......

Hearing that, I was like...hmmm...BUAT MALU KAUM!!! That time I was "this" close to go and ask that stupid-very rudeMalay pakcik. I really wanna ask him if what is his religion? I wanna ask if he have any kids by his own? And I wanna ask like everything, just everything. GERAM!!! BONGOK!!!

I keep thinking about it myself, what will the Chinese girl be talking about this? How will she perceive Islam? Hmmm..

p.s. Even my 6 years old nephew knows what is PUASA means. Adoi. Sakit otak I.

p.s. Don't get me wrong. I've got "cuti istimewa" from God. That's why I don't care about the breakfasting time.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cut the ties.

"What is a friend? A single soul, dwelling in two bodies" - Aristotle

Today I would like to talk about FRIENDSHIP. I don't have any strong reason why I should talk about this since I have many good friends here and there. I can always make good friends wherever I might go. In fact i love to be friend with everyone. Friends are can be find in anywhere, at anytime. Friends always come and go. But true friendship seems really hard to be found. Once I found it, I always hope it will last forever. Unfortunately, I think I'd lost it now. In fact, throughout my lifetime, I think I'd lost a lot of special friends. And this is actually keep bothering me recently.

True friendship is an amazing thing for me. True friendship happened once I put her in special place in my heart. Then I will be more comfortable being together with her. I can feel the special bond between the two of us. My love towards her will grow stronger day by day. Sometime I even think that she is going to be someone I can share my life story with.

True friendship also means companionship. To keep accompany me throughout my good and bad time. She also did it. I can always laugh like crazy or cry my heart out in front of her. I can always share the secret of my life with her, without feeling ashamed.

But now, as time goes on, as we been so far apart, I can feel the love between us seems fading away into the thin air. She can't barely talk to me for an hour anymore, just like we always did before. She seems so cold.

I keep figuring it out myself, did I ever do anything wrong? Did I am the one who made this thing arose? Did I messed everything up?

I don't know. I don't have any idea. All I know is she is now no longer want to be friend with me anymore. The true friendship is gone between us. But maybe I am wrong. Hmm. Who might knows?

Bye all.

p.s. I am lucky enough that I still have my good old days friends with me now. Yes! You all from SMKGR. You guys will always be my truly friendships forever. I promise. Especially to Dya, Diana, Dzul Nyet, Sepiah etc.

p.p.s. I met with Yasmila last holiday, and I feel so happy. She is my best friend from my National Service session.

p.p.p.s. Cik Lynndon also. My best buddy from Pahang Matriculation College. So happy to get connected with her now.

p.p.p.p.s. My Busuk Jesnita also!!! The best roomate ever. Same goes to Cik Semah, missed her like crazy.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Today is Tuesday.

Today seems to be a nice day. I woke up at 2pm. Having gossips on the phone with MAK for over 40minutes. Then YMing with Cik Dya and Cik Lynn. Rindu mereka.

Okay stop. No hard feelings.

Today i have to go to laundry. Dah melimpah ruah bakul laundry saya. As usual, pakaian dalaman saya basuh sendiri. Pakaian luaran saya kena outsource. Hahaha.

Then, go to Bazaar Ramadhan at Changlun to buy some foods for breakfasting. One thing for sure is no more NASI for breakfasting. It will ruin my this year Hari Raya Mission - to wear KEBAYA.

Tonight I wish I can finish all my 5 Chapters Discussion Questions for Strategic Management. Then I wanna have early bed.

Hope so.
Bye all!!

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