Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mango's Game

Mangosteen is one of my favourite blog. I am the silent reader of this blog. I love arts even though I'm not that creative person.

I just notice that Mangosteen contest this morning as I do some blogwalking. All we have to do is to name any object under the sky that we wish to see in the form of stamp. Just anything. Easy rite?

For the winning prizes, Mangosteen is giving a set of 9 mini handcarved eraser stamps and also the personalized stamp (the one that we wish to see as I mentioned above).

I want to enter this contest.

As my family and close friends know, I love Hello Kitty so much. So, sis Mangosteen I wish to see Hello Kitty stamp. I put two sample photos below:

Name: Hello Kitty with Cupcake
Rationale: I just learned baking..!! And I love it..!!

Name: Hello Kitty with stationery
Rationale: I'm in the mood of final exam. So, that's it!

Opps!! Actually sis Mangosteen tak suruh pon letak picture and reason. Tapi I degil, I nak letak jugak. Senang sis Mangosteen nak visualize kan. Baik kan I. hehe...

That's all. I hope I will win!!

Love you sis Mangosteen!!!

p.s. Ada nada-nada membodek di situ. Haha!!
p.p.s. Eh! I nie memang tak mengikut peraturan kan. Sis Mangosteen kate letak satu jer daripada 3 gambar kat atas tue. But I letak jer semua. Sorry sis! I excited! LOL.


jom makan on October 25, 2009 at 10:56 AM said...

salam kenal,nice blog u ni,muda lg tapi berbakat...i doakan u menang...

Cik Zizee on October 25, 2009 at 2:23 PM said...

terima kaseh!!!!!!!!!

tp saper yg berbakat tue??hehe...

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